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Pool Tiles

Four Seasons Pools and Spas is a licensed general contractor, building custom designed swimming pools, spas, pool houses, fountains, waterfalls, hardscaping, remodeling, and more in San Antonio, TX, as well as the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to improving the areas where you live, work, and play. We can handle a variety of construction needs for residential homes and commercial office buildings.

Custom Pool Designers in San Antonio Area

We are licensed as a general pool contractor, but we do much more than just build pools. At Four Seasons Pools and Spa, we make backyards into dream locations! Using a combination of elements, we make each backyard unique and distinctive. In addition to adding value to your home, our custom pool designs also give you a peaceful area to enjoy every day of the year. The memories you can make in your new backyard are something money just can’t buy. By making your backyard the new go to destination, you can welcome friends and family to make new memories.


We offer pool design in San Antonio and surrounding areas, such as Live Oak, Leon Valley, Alamo Heights, Kirby, Hollywood Park, Castle Hills, Converse, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Seguin, and Universal City, Texas ! 

Spa Designs in San Antonio

Our company is a leading provider of swimming pool services in San Antonio, including spa designs. Whether you are in need of total pool reconstruction or would like a spa design that is customized to fit the style of your backyard display, our company offers all the assistance you need. To discuss specific projects and the possibilities, reach out to us today!

Four Seasons Pools and Spas has the expertise for any type of water projects.


Commercial Swimming Pools

  • HOA & Community Amenities 

  • Resurfacing & Renovations

  • Recreational water parks

  • Hospitality resorts and hotel swimming pools

  • NCAA aquatic facilities

  • Commercial Swimming Pools

  • Health and fitness club pools

  • Municipal installations

  • Water features and fountains

  • Community swimming pools and apartment swimming pools

  • Special use swimming pools

  • Fitness and therapy features

  • High rise pool construction


Affordable San Antonio Pool Repair

Even with quality construction and proper maintenance, your pool may need repairs due to normal wear and tear over the years. Pool components, like pumps and lights, only last for so long. To get the most function out of your San Antonio pool, repairs should be performed promptly by a professional.


Pool repairs do not have to be costly when you choose Four Seasons Pools and Spa as your pool repair contractor in San Antonio. Contact us as  soon as you suspect that something is wrong with the pool. We will be happy to inspect your pool and give you a free estimate to repair the pool – anywhere in the San Antonio metro area. All of our work comes with our customer service guarantee, so that you can feel confident in the work you are having done.

Swimming Pool Maintenance in San Antonio

Let’s face it; we all want to have fun making splashes, but no one wants to be responsible for keeping the water clean. The good news is we will gladly handle the responsibility for you. Four Seasons Pools and Spas is the leader in San Antonio pool cleaning services. We have been assisting our customers with maintaining their pools for the past 18 years. Our technicians pay close attention to the water and all other elements to ensure a safe and clean atmosphere before the fun begins and well after it has ended.


Whether you need weekly, monthly or annual cleaning, we will come to you when necessary. Our swimming pool specialists are skilled at offering you the best in pool cleaning, from the bottom surface of the pool to all sections of your deck and surrounding décor.

Four Seasons Pools & Spas not only do pools and spas but offer our services 

  • Custom Home Building 

  • Kitchen Remodeling 

  • Garages 

  • Decks 

  • Basements 

  • Interior Design 

Swimming Pool Waterfalls in San Antonio

For almost two decades, our professional technicians at Four Seasons Pools & Spas have offered various styles of swimming pool waterfalls in San Antonio, Live Oak, and nearby communities. We all want to experience the luxury of a vacation without actually having to travel very far. Our swimming pool company offers you just that.

With a wide variety of custom styles and features, our swimming pool waterfalls will create the feeling of having a home away from home-right in your backyard. We have developed original concepts and designs for you to choose from; however, we consider your ideas first. During a free design consultation, we consult with you to learn more about your expectations, and work together to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

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